Saturday, August 25, 2012

What does the Pink Mustache Mean?

Lyft billboard Brannan and 5th, San Francisco
Lyft driver in San Francisco traffic
I noticed a pink mustasche billboard today in SOMA and was immediately curious what it meant.

As I continued my day  I saw 2 different cars with fluffy pink mustaches on their grills. Now I was even more curious, “What do these pink mustaches mean?”

Here’s what I found out. The pink mustache on a car’s grill indicates that car is part of a citywide on-demand ride service called lyft. Lyft works like an informal taxi service connecting local drivers (background checked, DMV checked and “personality” checked) with local riders through a mobile app. Need a ride? Request a pick up with the lyft app (iphone and android) and within minutes a friendly driver will be there. At the end of your ride a donation amount will be suggested (on average 20% less than the cost of a taxi) and you’ll be asked to rate the driver.

Interesting concept? I think so. In the next month lyft plans to have 200 drivers in San Francisco. I’ll give it a try. How about you? To read more about lyft and its founders follow this link.

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